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  Leakmaster Snap-on Vinyl Pants
LeakMaster Adult Plastic Pants
Snap On Style

LeakMaster Adult Snap On Pants are just like our popular pull on pants but with the convenience of snaps. With the easy fasten closures there's no need to remove slacks or trousers to remove the plastic pants so changing in public restrooms is a snap! The easy fasten snaps also make fast changes easier for care givers. If you're looking for adult snap on plastic pants with snug fitting, comfortable waist bands, made from durable light weight plastic, we highly recommend the LeakMaster Snap On Style plastic pants. Soft and discreetly quiet, they are full cut with an extra wide crotch. Stocked in Frosty White only. Other colors available by special order only, see below.

Because we are one of North America's leading suppliers of plastic pants for incontinent children, youth and adults, we can offer both superior quality and lower prices. Worn over cloth diapers our adult plastic pants quietly help to keep you dry and comfortable. Worn over underwear or disposable diapers, our adult plastic pants provide that extra level of protection to help prevent embarrassing situations.  Enter size to determine wholesale price.

  • Four easy-fasten snaps per side
  • Snug fitting comfortable waist bands
  • Durable light weight plastic
  • Soft and discreetly quiet
  • Full cut with extra wide crotch

Adult X-Small
20" to 36" (Best fit 28" )
51 cm to 91 cm - best fit 71 cm
15" to 20"
38 cm to 51 cm
25 cm
Adult Small
22" to 37" (Best fit 31" )
56 cm to 94 cm - best fit 79 cm
16" to 22"
41 cm to 56 cm
28 cm
Adult Medium
27" to 44" (Best fit 34" )
69 cm to 112 cm - best fit 86 cm
18" to 24"
46 cm to 61 cm
30 cm
Adult Large
29" to 48" (Best fit 39" )
74 cm to 122 cm - best fit 99 cm
19" to 26"
48 cm to 66 cm
30 cm
Adult X-Large
31" to 52" (Best fit 46" )
79 cm to 132 cm - best fit 117 cm
20" to 27"
51 cm to 69 cm
38 cm
Adult 2X-Large
33" to 56" (Best fit 50" )
84 cm to 142 cm - best fit 127 cm
22" to 28"
56 cm to 71 cm
38 cm
Adult 3X-Large
( white only )
36" to 60" (Best fit 54" )
91 cm to 152 cm - best fit 137 cm
23" to 30"
58 cm to 76 cm
43 cm
Adult 4X-Large
( white only )
39" to 64" (Best fit 58" )
99 cm to 162 cm - best fit 147 cm
24" to 32"
61 cm to 81 cm
46 cm
Adult 5X-Large
( white only )
42" to 68" (Best fit 62" )
106 cm to 173 cm - best fit 157 cm
25" to 32"
63 cm to 81 cm
48 cm

To ensure proper fit please take measurements and check size chart before ordering.
measurement sizes already take shrinkage into account
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